Diet and Breast Cancer Seminar

>Diet and Breast Cancer Seminar
The Dairy Council joined forces with the Leaders in Oncology Care, Harley Street, and the Student Nutrition Society at King's College London on 10th November to present the evidence on diet and breast cancer risk and survival to an audience of students, researchers and academics.
Milk and dairy have been targeted by self-styled nutrition 'experts'' in terms of cancer risk (often selling diet plans and books) for many years. The World Cancer Research Fund have extensively reviewed evidence on diet and cancer and have found limited and non-conclusive evidence of any association – either positive or negative – on dairy consumption and either risk of developing breast cancer or impact on cancer survival. In fact, a number of studies have shown that consuming dairy foods and calcium may be protective against breast cancer risk.
With our fellow registered dietitian, Kelly McCabe from the LOC, the Dairy Council is also debunking myths surrounding so-called 'superfoods' – issuing caution against those working outside the evidence base in this area.
Dr Anne Mullen, Director of Nutrition, said "As a dietitian, it has always concerned me how much misinformation there is in the public domain about breast cancer. We have been working on research with LOC for a couple of years identifying what influences food choice in breast cancer survivors, and we are delighted to be presenting evidence with Kelly McCabe on the role of diet, specifically dairy, in breast cancer risk and survival."
The event was part of The Dairy Council's monthly seminar series hosted by universities. If you would like to host a seminar in your university or workplace, please contact

New: Student Budget Recipes

>Student budget recipes
The Dairy Council has teamed up with The Angry Chef to create a range of dairy-packed nutritious recipes for university students.
The budget easy-to-prepare recipe range was launched at Kingston University on 12th October and featured a cooking demonstration by The Angry Chef (Anthony Warner) for nutrition science students.
Dairy is an important ingredient for students – not only are dairy foods a source of several important nutrients, they're also affordable.
Erica Hocking, Senior Nutrition Scientist at The Dairy Council, added: "Dairy has an important role to play in the nutrition of young adults. When students move out of the family home and into halls of residence or a student flat, the habits they develop can have a major effect on their future health.
"Cooking with dairy is an affordable and easy way to ensure meals have a healthy balance of nutrients such as calcium, protein and iodine, just to name a few. What many people forget is that milk, cheese and yogurt can all be frozen for a later date."
Read the full press release in our press room.

World School Milk Day

>World School Milk Day
World School Milk Day took place on September 28th. To celebrate, The Dairy Council invited primary schools across the UK to take part in a national Milk! Shake! Mooves! dance off. Teachers were encouraged to get their classes 'strutting their stuff' and to video and tweet the performances, including the hashtags #WSMD16 and #MilkShakeMoves.
Other activities included downloading a presentation from The Dairy Council's website to help teach students about the benefits of milk; holding a pop quiz or other competitions in class; or making milkshakes.
Read the full press release in our press room.

Seminar: Recovering from Rio

Recovering from Rio
In London on Sept 9th, three-time Olympian Goldie Sayers and double Olympic gold medallist Philip Hindes MBE, were among guest speakers of The Dairy Council's seminar Recovering from Rio: an insight into performance nutrition to celebrate the success of Team GB at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
The event included a presentation from Dr Emma Cockburn, Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science at Middlesex University, where she discussed new research on milk and its role in muscle recovery after sport. Dr Kevin Currell, Head of Performance Nutrition at the English Institute of Sport (EIS), also joined The Dairy Council to give delegates an insight into the power of food in elite sporting performance.
Erica Hocking, Senior Nutrition Scientist at The Dairy Council, added: "We've had an exciting summer of sport and 'Recovering from Rio' highlighted some of the most cutting-edge research being carried out in dairy nutrition and sports recovery. Dairy foods have an important role to play in sports nutrition thanks to their wide range of essential nutrients."
Read the full press release in our press room.
Watch videos of presentations from the seminar.

New Iodine Resource

Iodine booklet
We announced our new publication on iodine to an invited audience of students and lecturers at University Of Surrey, Thursday 21st April. The event featured a presentation from leading expert on iodine in the diet, Dr Sarah Bath and an introduction to the resource by The Dairy Council's senior nutritionist, Erica Hocking.
Dr Anne Mullen, Director of Nutrition at The Dairy Council, said: "Iodine intake is particularly important for women during pregnancy and for young children since it contributes to growth and brain development. However, the latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey indicated that 22% of teenage girls and 10% of women do not obtain adequate iodine from food sources".
Read the full press release in the press room.
Download the Iodine booklet now.

Dairy Council Schools Programme

School Packed Lunch
The Dairy Council Schools Programme provides a range of workshops for schoolchildren. Topics covered in these workshops include healthy breakfasts & snacks, sugar awareness, sports nutrition and reading food labels.
Our publication, Eating Well – The Primary School Years, provides information on nutrient requirements for children aged 5-11 years and explains the importance of a healthy balanced diet and physical activity. It includes plenty of meal and snack ideas. It is available now as a free download for teachers and healthcare professionals.
If you would like to know more information about what The Dairy Council can offer your local school, please contact

Dairy & Sport Matters

Dairy & Sport Matters
The Dairy Council has been heavily involved in sports initiatives including The Milk Race, our Milk & Sport booklets for athletes, and being a founding partner of the Sports and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr).
In 2014, we consolidated our commitment to sports nutrition with the appointment of our very own Associate Nutritionist with expertise in sport and exercise nutrition. With this exciting development, The Dairy Council has launched "Dairy & Sport Matters", a quarterly e-newsletter for nutrition and sports professionals.
"Dairy & Sport Matters" includes news from The Dairy Council, expert comment and articles on sports nutrition, interviews with elite athletes, up-to-date evidence from academic journals on sports nutrition issues plus top tips and recipes for the sportsperson's diet.
To subscribe for your free Dairy & Sport Matters, please email

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