Saturated Fat, Dairy & Cardiometabolic Disease Conference #heartdairy

Saturated Fat, Dairy and Cardiovascular Disease
The Dairy Council conferences on Saturated Fat, Dairy and Cardiometabolic disease are now complete.
The meetings in Glasgow, Cardiff and London saw national and international speakers discuss the role of saturated fat and saturated fatty acids in cardiometabolic disease, and the effects of dairy consumption on cardiometabolic risk factors.
Key outcomes of the conference were:
  1. Saturated fat contains a diversity of short, medium and long-chain molecules, which appear to have a diversity of associations with LDL cholesterol metabolism and coronary outcomes. While public health guidelines on intake of saturated fat come from a clear evidence base, an understanding of saturated fatty acid diversity is needed to refine our understanding of risk, and identify saturated fatty acids that have neutral or beneficial effects.
  2. Research presented showed that milk and dairy product consumption are associated with neutral or inverse risk of cardiometabolic disease outcomes including arterial stiffness, hypertension, stroke, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes. Evidence largely comes from cohort studies, which are limited by 'association rather than causation' but likely mechanisms involving milk fat globule membranes, saturated fatty acids found in dairy, calcium, dairy peptides and ‘matrix effects’ were explored in the conferences.
Feedback from the audience, composed mainly of nutritionists, dietitians and academic researchers, included appreciation of the thorough, unbiased and evidence-based approach of The Dairy Council to conducting these conferences.
The proceedings of this set of conferences will be made available to registrants in due course.

Dairy & Sport Matters

Dairy & Sport Matters
The Dairy Council has been heavily involved in sports initiatives including The Milk Race, our Milk & Sport booklets for athletes, and being a founding partner of the Sports and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr).
In 2014, we consolidated our commitment to sports nutrition with the appointment of our very own Associate Nutritionist with expertise in sport and exercise nutrition. With this exciting development, The Dairy Council has launched "Dairy & Sport Matters", a quarterly e-newsletter for nutrition and sports professionals.
"Dairy & Sport Matters" will include news from The Dairy Council, expert comment and articles on sports nutrition, interviews with elite athletes, up-to-date evidence from academic journals on sports nutrition issues plus top tips and recipes for the sportsperson's diet.
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The latest Dairy Council video aims to highlight the nutrients associated with yogurt that are sometimes overlooked. Starring the UK's most successful ever gymnast, Beth Tweddle, the 90 second promo features pre-jump flourishes from her performances at key championships and medal winning Olympic routine in 2012.
Our Yogurt Factsheet provides a useful source of information about yogurt including how it is made, its nutritional value and how it can be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet.
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Latest Resource: Milk Factsheet

Milk FactsheetMilk is a nutrient-rich staple of the British diet. It provides a number of essential nutrients for every age group and plays a key role within a healthy diet.
Our latest resource provides professionals with information about milk including how milk is processed, the nutrient composition of milk, its importance throughout the life stages and the role it can play in prevention of disease. It also aims to dispel some of the common myths and misconceptions about milk.
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