Olympic Nutritionist Tells Conference Dairy Helped Bring Us Olympic Gold (18 October 2012)

Wendy Martinson, lead nutritionist for GB Rowing, gave delegates at the Milk and Sport: A Healthy Legacy conference an insight into the diet of her Olympic athletes.

Wendy, who received her OBE in 2010 for services to sport and nutrition, told the conference that the highly successful Team GB rowers consumed 500 x 500ml milkshakes over the games period.

She said: “Milk is great for athletes to have after training or racing – the balance of protein and carbohydrate is exactly what muscles need to recover. Milkshakes were a popular choice!"

“As with most athletes competing at this level we were monitoring and controlling the food available for the rowers to eat during training and competition. But given the pressure of the Olympics it was even more important that we were providing them with the fuel they need to be at their best."

“Anecdotally, milk has for a long time been considered a great post-workout recovery drink, but now there are a lot of studies to back this up.”

The conference, hosted by The Dairy Council as part of their EU-Funded ‘Milk it for All its Worth’ campaign, examined the science behind the potential benefits of milk for sportsmen and women.

Dr Judith Bryans, Director of The Dairy Council, said: “We were really happy to have Wendy come and speak for us – the nutrients in milk are good for you all the time, but the science behind it helping bodies recover after exercise is really interesting. We are hoping to see a lot more research like this in the future.”

Other speakers included Dr Emma Stevenson of Northumbria University, Kim Volterman from McMaster University in Canada, and Tim Lawler, Chief Executive of SportsAid.

Wendy was based at the Team GB Satellite village at Eton Dorney during the Games supporting Rowing and Sprint Canoeing. As well as working with Team GB during the London, Beijing and Athens Olympic Games, she works with a variety of professional sports teams and has a part time role within the NHS.


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