A step back in time to celebrate World Milk Day (28 May 2004)

With the spotlight on milk this Tuesday (World Milk Day) The Dairy Council has compiled the UK’s most popular generic milk adverts, as requested by the public.

Over the past five decades some of the best and most memorable adverts have been about the health benefits of milk. Adverts like the Accrington Stanley boys, the dancing milk bottles and Cool for Cats.

Even marketing experts consider British milk advertising to be the best in the world, with both national and international awards given to iconic adverts.

The ads that really define the decades include ‘Gotta lotta bottle’ which was unmistakably part of the 1980s. This era also saw celebrities getting active to promote milk – on the track, Linford Christie raced a milk van to the finish line and Bob Gedolf jogged through London before being rewarded with a cold pint of milk.

For the older generations, who can forget the ‘Drinka Pinta Milka Day’ adverts of the 1950s, a campaign so successful it even coined a new word – ‘pinta’ - which become familiar enough to enter the dictionary.

Milk advertising’s flair for entering the British consciousness continued with ‘The White Stuff’ campaign, thanks to the animated cartoon characters including boxer Chris Eubank and TV personality Rolf Harris.

Only time will tell if the new crop of milk advertising will provide the public with as many fond memories as Paul Whitehouse in ‘Ain’t milk brilliant’ or Pinta Girl/Pinta Man.

The Top Ten most popular generic milk adverts:

  1. Milk’s gotta lotta bottle (1982)
  2. Drinka pinta milka day (1950s)
  3. Accrington Stanley (1989)
  4. Dancing milk bottles (1991)
  5. The White Stuff (2000)
  6. Pinta Girl/Pinta Man (1960s)
  7. Bob Geldof – Milk delivers (1988)
  8. Linford Christie – Wake up to milk (1987)
  9. Cool for Cats (1992)
  10. Paul Whitehouse – Ain’t milk brilliant? (1995)


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